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Pakistan Election 8th February 2024


8th February Pakistan Election 2024 | The Challenge of a Level-Playing Field As the date for the Pakistan elections on 8th February 2024 draws near, the political landscape is charged with anticipation and scrutiny. The democratic process is a cornerstone of any nation, reflecting the will of the people. However, concerns have been raised about […]

CDA Auction 2024 Poor Planning


 CDA Auction 2024 Islamabad | Missteps and Poor  Planning The Capital Development Authority (CDA) auction held on January 10th, 11th and 12th , 2024, promised a showcase of prime real estate opportunities. However, the event unfolded as a disappointment, marred by financial mismanagement and inadequate planning by the auction committee, leaving stakeholders and participants in […]

January CDA Auction 2024 Failed


 CDA Auction 2024 Failed | A Disappointing Outcome Raises Concerns The Capital Development Authority’s (CDA) today’s auction 11th January 2024, was anticipated to be a significant event for real estate enthusiasts and investors. However, the outcome of the CDA auction Islamabad held in Gandhara Hall F-9 Park Citizens Club has left many disappointed, with only […]

10th January CDA Auction 2024

10th January CDA Auction 2024 Faces Setbacks The recently held CDA Auction, touted as a promising opportunity for investors, has faced a significant setback with a notable lack of interest from the majority of potential investors. The main cause for concern revolves around the apparent mismanagement of CDA AUCTION 2024 is by the organizing team, […]

CDA Auction 2024 Set to Ignite Excitement on January 10, 11 and 12

CDA Auction Set to Ignite Excitement on January 10th and 12th 2024 Commercial plots in various sectors of Islamabad are available for leasehold allotment, with a term of 33 years and the possibility of two extensions, each for 33 years, subject to standard terms and conditions upon lease renewal. Residential plots are offered on an […]

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