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Building and Plaza for Rent in Islamabad Pakistan

Explore an incredible opportunity in Islamabad! A spacious and versatile commercial property is available like building and plaza for rent, strategically positioned to cater to various needs. Whether you're looking for a commercial space or a residential complex, this well-maintained building has the potential to meet your requirements. Enjoy modern amenities, ample space, and a prime location in the heart of Islamabad. Don't miss out on this exceptional rental opportunity; contact us today to schedule a viewing and secure your ideal building.

Why Plaza for Rent in Islamabad?

Searching for the ideal commercial space in Islamabad to establish or expand your business? Look no further than the thriving market of buildings and plazas for rent in Islamabad. This dynamic city, known for its economic growth and strategic significance, offers a range of options to suit diverse business needs. Whether you’re in pursuit of a bustling plaza for rent in Islamabad’s vibrant urban center or seeking a more tranquil setting with a building for rent in Islamabad’s suburban areas, this city has something to offer every business visionary. In this guide, we’ll explore the numerous benefits and opportunities that come with renting plazas and buildings in Islamabad, helping you make an informed decision that aligns perfectly with your business objectives.

Our Plaza and Building for Rent Project in G-13

West View Arcade

Building for rent suitable for Shopping Centre and Offices or hospital, Banks or NGO’s Rental in Islamabad  


Property Type



Monthly Rent





1.8 Millions


Rooftop Plaza



Rs. 150,000


First Floor



Rs. 736,000


Ground Floor



Rs. 756,000


Lower Ground



Rs. 716,000





Rs. 226,000





Rs. 226,000





Rs. 263,000

Building and Plaza for Rent in Islamabad

Plaza for rent in Islamabad, West View Arcade is advantageously placed in the heart of Islamabad G-13/3, one of Islamabad’s most prestigious business and residential hubs. Modern Shops and offices with ample space for Rent in Islamabad. All floors will have toilets facility and kitchen options for rent in Islamabad

A strategic Islamabad location for lease for both CPEC entrance and Central Islamabad.

The Property has Lower Ground, Ground and Upper floor. It can be accessed via three sides of roads and multiple stairs and a provision of passenger lifts. The property has inhouse water bore and 25000 gallons of water storage capacity which is very rare to find in buildings for rent in Islamabad. This West View Arcade building is offering multiple entrance and fire exit stairs which is again not common for existing plazas on rent in Islamabad. External areas include a huge parking space for up to 200 vehicles.

Plaza for Rent in Islamabad

We are proud to offer the best Shopping and office experience in one of the most prestigious sectors of Islamabad G-13. If you are looking for an office for rent in the best and most authentic location of Islamabad with ample parking space, then here is the best opportunity to rent in the heart of Islamabad. We also have a Plaza for rent that can accommodate a range of businesses. Contact us today to learn more about our available spaces.

Our Commercial Building is situated in G-13/3 Islamabad.

For a further look into the Development Site, Please visit Commercial Space for rent Islamabad

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Islamabad’s Diverse Commercial Landscape

Islamabad’s real estate market is marked by its dynamic and ever-evolving nature. Whether you are interested in purchasing property, renting property, or exploring different commercial spaces like shops, offices, or floors for rent, Islamabad has options to cater to your diverse business needs. Renting an entire building, in particular, offers unique advantages and opportunities.

Renting an entire building provides businesses with the flexibility to customize their space to meet their specific requirements. It allows for a cohesive and self-contained workspace, offering privacy and control over the environment. This can be especially beneficial for companies seeking a distinct corporate identity or looking to accommodate a larger workforce.

Furthermore, the strategic location of many commercial buildings for rent in Islamabad ensures accessibility to key business hubs and transportation networks, facilitating efficient operations and client engagement. 

Advantages of Plaza for Rent

Renting a building in Islamabad presents several compelling advantages. Firstly, it provides ample space for customization and expansion to meet your business’s unique requirements. Secondly, it grants access to prime locations within the city, allowing you to establish a strong business presence in high-traffic areas without the financial commitment of ownership. Additionally, it offers a more cost-effective solution compared to purchasing property upfront.

Moreover, renting a building in Islamabad typically offers a more cost-effective solution compared to the upfront expenses associated with property acquisition. This financial flexibility is particularly appealing for businesses looking to manage overhead costs while still benefiting from a central and well-connected location.

The availability of rental buildings in Islamabad aligns perfectly with the evolving needs of businesses, offering a practical and cost-efficient avenue to establish and expand their operations in this vibrant city.

Strategic Location Choices

The strategic location of your business plays a pivotal role in its success. Islamabad offers a variety of neighborhoods and commercial districts, each with its unique charm and advantages. Whether you seek a bustling city center location, proximity to government offices, or a serene suburban setting, you have the freedom to choose a location that aligns perfectly with your business strategy.

For those seeking a prime commercial space, consider exploring the options available in Islamabad Plaza for rent. These plazas often occupy strategic positions within the city, providing businesses with excellent visibility and accessibility. By selecting the right location, you can enhance your business’s presence, reach your target audience more effectively, and contribute significantly to your overall success in Islamabad’s thriving business landscape.

Versatile Space  Customization

Opting to rent an entire building in Islamabad offers a unique advantage: creative freedom. This freedom allows you to design and customize the space with precision, tailoring it to meet the exact needs of your business. Whether you envision open-plan layouts that encourage collaboration or partitioned offices that offer privacy, you have the flexibility to craft an environment that not only fosters productivity but also authentically reflects your brand identity.

For businesses seeking versatile and well-located spaces, consider exploring the rental plaza options available in Islamabad. These plazas often offer a range of configurations and amenities, making them suitable for various industries and business sizes. By choosing a rental plaza, you can leverage the benefits of a strategic location while still enjoying the flexibility to adapt the space to your specific business requirements.

Superb Connectivity – Plaza for Rent

The development of Islamabad owes much to its robust transport infrastructure, and the Metro Bus system has played a crucial role in this transformation. Located in the heart of this thriving city, G-13 has experienced significant growth, largely attributed to its close proximity to this efficient public transportation network.

At the forefront of this urban evolution is West View Arcade, strategically situated within a brief walk from a Metro Bus Station. This prime location offers residents and businesses unmatched connectivity, ensuring swift and convenient access to key destinations. With the Metro Bus station just steps away, West View Arcade provides easy and efficient transportation, allowing residents to reach Zero Point in just 10 minutes and Islamabad Airport in just 20 minutes. This accessibility adds to the appeal of West View Arcade as a prime real estate choice in Islamabad.

Property Collections in Islamabad

Are you in search of an expansive and versatile commercial space in Islamabad, Pakistan? Islamabad, the capital city, is a thriving hub for business and commerce, offering various real estate options such as property for sale in Islamabadproperty for rentfloor for rentshops for sale, offices for saleoffices for rentIslamabad stands as a vibrant and diverse real estate market, offering a myriad of opportunities for businesses to thrive. Whether you are interested in property for sale in Islamabad, property for rent, floor for rent, shops for sale, offices for sale, offices for rent, or buildings for sale, the city caters to your unique needs. Opting for a building for rent in Islamabad is a strategic move, offering versatility, prime location choices, and cost-effectiveness. It can be the key to establishing a robust business presence in the heart of Pakistan’s capital.

Unlock your business’s full potential by exploring the vast array of building rental options available in Islamabad. Your dream commercial space awaits in this dynamic and flourishing city. Don’t wait; take the leap and secure your building for rent in Islamabad today!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Faqs – Building and Plaza for Rent in Islamabad

Lease terms can vary, but they often range from one to five years. Longer-term leases may be negotiated for stability, while shorter terms offer flexibility.
It depends on the lease agreement. Some landlords include maintenance and utility costs in the rent, while others may require tenants to cover these expenses separately.
Many plazas and buildings in Islamabad offer dedicated parking spaces for both tenants and customers. It’s essential to clarify parking arrangements during lease negotiations.
Lease renewal or termination typically involves providing notice to the landlord as specified in the lease agreement. Renewal terms and conditions, as well as notice periods, should be discussed and agreed upon during initial lease negotiations.



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Renting a plaza in Islamabad through West View Developers has been a game-changer for my business. The prime location in a bustling area of the city has significantly increased our visibility and convenience for customers and employees. West View Developers exhibited professionalism and responsiveness throughout the leasing process, ensuring a seamless transition. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking prime commercial spaces in Islamabad. Their expertise and commitment to client satisfaction are truly commendable.

Shahid Jamal
G-11 Islamabad

Clients who choose to rent a plaza in Islamabad through West View Developers will experience a significant boost in their business operations. The strategic location in a vibrant area of the city enhances visibility and accessibility, benefiting both customers and staff. Throughout the leasing process, West View Developers consistently demonstrated professionalism and responsiveness, making the transition seamless. For anyone seeking prime commercial spaces in Islamabad, I wholeheartedly recommend West View Developers.

Muhammad Raza
G-13 Islamabad

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